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Travel for tourism, leisure trips, family and social visits, business activities, attending conferences, presentations, participating in exhibitions, exploratory visit or as a digital nomad etc.
Enroll at a university, school, college, exchange student or any vocational program.
Work as professional, farm worker, skilled worker, or a tradesman for specific employer under specific terms. Work as an independent IT professional.
Artists and Religious Activities
Film crews, stage shows, musical concerts, fashion shows, TV journalists. Short term visits on special occasions, performing religious activities and long term services at place of worship.
Sports Persons
Sports tournaments, training and coaching sessions and amateur participants.
Long Term Family Visa
Parents and grandparents of citizens or permanent resident can apply to live their family for longer durations.
Economic Immigration
Migrate permanently through point base human capital steams (express entry), start – up, entrepreneur category, investment basis and other skilled pathways (provincial nomination programs).
Family Immigration
Permanently join your family as parents and grandparents, partners (spouses, common law, conjugal), children of citizens and permanent residents.
Onshore Services
Visa extensions, visitor record, visitor to study or work visas, study permit extensions, work permit extensions, onshore immigration for workers, post graduates, partner’s status adjustments, experience class, territorial or provincial nominations.
Educational or Skills Credential Assessment
To ascertain the equivalency of academic or professional qualification education credential assessment. Skill set assessment for regulated and licensed professions.
Services for Institutes
Student exchange programs, strategic alliances with foreign education providers, educational tours.
Services for Corporates
Induction and introductory visits, essential training, inspections, negotiations or signing contracts. Intra company transfers, work permits.
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Any visa category you need to apply for
All your visa applications are prepared in one place, visit for leisure, perform business or religious activities, social and family visit. Long term parental visa, super visa, spouse open work permit, study and work permit, family class immigrant visa, express entry, skilled category, provincial nomination or for any other reason.
An only way to apply for a visa is to comply with immigration regulations
Not confident? No problem, our tool is optimized based on over 2 decades expertise of immigration services. Create a customised checklist of documents, upload attachments, get appropriate forms filled, we will create a personalised cover letter or statement of purpose, track processing and keep accessible record of your application. Support from an expert team. Receive alerts at milestones.
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All our tools are designed with all first time or frequent travellers, students, workers, family members in mind. Whether you are looking to migrate permanently or travelling for a short visit, you will feel comfortable at Omnisol.
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Get quick answers to your questions. You will have one of experts to complete entire visa application filing process. Immigration regulations are dynamic and the procedures are amended without prior notices, we are equipped to collect and interpret the applicable rules for your specific case.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to apply for a visa?

Streamline your visa application on one platform for better results—whether you're traveling, studying, working, or migrating abroad.

Do I need a visa for every country I wish to travel?

There are reciprocal arrangements between governments of different countries to allow their citizens to cross borders without a visa. There can be a waiver for citizens of some countries to enter the other. In the absence of such arrangements, one needs to apply for and secure a visa.

What are different categories of visas?

Visa can be temporary or permanent. Visiting for business, leisure, study, family, and social reasons, participating in sports, journalism, conferences, work, and religious purposes, etc., are considered short-term, no-settlement temporary visas. Migrating permanently to join family, establish a business, invest to form a company, etc., are immigrant visas.

How to find the appropriate category based on my purpose?

The reason for your visit to accomplish the planned purpose will define the visa category. You may register and complete the questionnaire to find the most appropriate category applicable to your circumstances.

Do I need to show funds for a visa application?

Yes, you need to show funds enough to cover the cost of your purpose, which may include your return air tickets, insurances, boarding and lodging, or any other expenses associated with the purpose such as tuition or living expenses.

How can a consultant be of any help?

Like any seasoned professionals, consultants have expertise which saves your time, provides you with accurate information, guides you for documents, better presentation of your application. They understand the assessment processes and the regulations.

Can I get any guarantees for my visa?

The outcome of a visa application is a judgmental decision of the assessing officer. Certainly, it is based on rules. It is your merits and presentation of the application that increases the probabilities. We cannot, but God or a fraud can guarantee you a visa.

What should I look to select a consultant?

Select prudently, check the previous track record, success ratio, educational qualification, physical office address, registration with regulations, knowledge, honest assessment of the application, and reasonable professional charges.

What if the visa is refused?

Visa applications are subject to the judgmental decision of the assessing officer. In case of refusal, one needs to analyze the reasons and plan for future action.

How do I make payment?

Visa fees are mostly paid through credit cards authorized to make payment in foreign exchange. We accept payment covering our professional charges through all methods, bank transfers, UPI payments, and other online and permitted methods.

Is there any refund policy?

Depending on the stage of the application you may demand a refund of the amount paid. For more details, refer to the refund policy.

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